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Everly Wren | Newborn

Meet this sweet bundle of joy, our granddaughter! Everly Wren came into this great big world on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, at 2:07 AM.

The Vances | Maternity Session. Suffolk, VA

It was a hot, humid Sunday with drizzling off-and-on rain but that did not keep this beautiful mother-to-be from glowing in her purple gown. Check out their session And a fun redo of a shot from their wedding! We cannot wait to meet our newest family member, Princess Everly!

Farmer Ezra – Eleven Months and counting | Portsmouth, VA

Time is flying by as this little one is eleven months! He has four teeth and is taking several steps at a time now! He should be walking and running around next month! His smile will brighten your day! Examining his great-grandfather’s watch. He is quite the sassy little fellow! Two bottom teeth are shining through He does have quick mood swings and can go from happy to I-am-over-this in.. Read More