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Sister Bridal Shoot | Maymont Gardens, Richmond, Virginia

This blog post! It is all about wedding gowns, brides, and our daughters! We have three, beautiful daughters and as of November 5, 2018, all three are now married. But there is more to the story of their weddings and specifically how each of them wore something from my wedding gown on their special day! My husband, Mark, and I got married on November 23, 1985. As you can see,.. Read More

2018-Shoot and Share Photo Contest

Once again, I entered the Shoot and Share Contest for 2018! This year, a total of 11,351 photographers participated from all over the world and submitted a total of 413,065 photos. This contest allows a total of 50 photos to be submitted in 25 different categories. I managed to make the top 100 this year in the wedding details category! Overall I received a Top 100, 2 finalists, 1 in.. Read More

Blizzard of 2018 | Carrollton, Virginia

The blizzard of 2018 hit the Hampton Roads area on January 3, 2018, just two days after the first Super moon of 2018. The snow began to fall in our area around 10:00 pm and the winds began whipping shortly after making the wind chill below 0-degrees. We received an average of 8 inches of snow with 17″ in snow drifted areas. Waking up in the morning to take out.. Read More

Waverly James Turns One | First Birthday Party

Waverly James entered this world on January 2, 2017 and has been blessing our family ever since. In just a few short months, he will become a big brother to Wrangler Mark and our world will continue to be blessed by the joy of little ones as our family continues to grow! Browse on down and enjoy some fun-filled moments at Baby Wave’s first birthday party!