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Yellow Sunflowers | Sunflower Prints for Sale

Sunny summers agree with bright yellow sunflowers! The bees are attracted to the vibrant color and essential for pollination. These photos would be a nice addition to brighten up any sunroom or a place in your home where you want to add a pop of blues and yellows! Contact me if you would like to order an acrylic, canvas, or framed print!

Colonial Williamsburg, VA | Hampton Roads Photographer

A peaceful, rather pleasant day in January! A family photo shoot earlier in this beautiful session was complete so since I was already here, I decided to enjoy myself and walk around and capture some history! There were no crowds so it made taking photos an easy “shot”. This place has the most interesting trees! This bakery has some awesome ginger cakes or, as we call them, gingerbread cookies! I.. Read More

Old Farm House and Barns | Smithfield – Hampton Roads Photographer

Old farms with red barns are a beautiful piece of history. I find it so sad to see many of them falling down, abandoned, left for weeds and animals to take over or worse yet leveled to make room for the “newer” things in life.  I love it when I spot old farms while driving through the countryside, whether they are still standing or starting to weaken and bend. It is.. Read More