A peaceful, rather pleasant day in January! A family photo shoot earlier in this beautiful session was complete so since I was already here, I decided to enjoy myself and walk around and capture some history! There were no crowds so it made taking photos an easy “shot”.
This place has the most interesting trees!
This bakery has some awesome ginger cakes or, as we call them, gingerbread cookies! I haven’t tried this recipe but maybe they taste the same?
Another interesting tree!
The Capitol Building
Cobblestone pavements.
Above is the Courthouse and below is the Governor’s Palace
This turquoise wagon was calling my name for a photo! As I am not on the other side of my camera often, I decided to figure out a plan to take a “selfie”. I found a place to prop up my camera, set the timer, and jump in for a picture! If you haven’t explored Colonial Williamsburg before, you should take a day and head out to wander down Duke of Glouster Street, also known as DOG Street, and soak in some history.