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Metamorphosis | Caterpillar to Butterfly – Hampton Roads Photographer

Metamorphosis of a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly is an amazing thing to document. Meet the caterpillar who loves my fennel plant. Several caterpillars munched away at this licorice-smelling plant. One day, I noticed the caterpillars were disappearing. Upon further inspection of the plant, I found two cocoons. I may have squealed out of excitement. I was amazed at how two tiny “strings” held this cocoon in place during.. Read More

City Center Cherry Blossoms – Hampton Roads Photographer

The cherry blossoms around the fountain in City Center in Newport News, VA were beautiful this year! I love spring and all the gorgeous flowers and trees that bloom.  The Yoshino cherry has a light pink blossom but does not bear any fruit.  They are pretty in the spring and in the fall the leaves turn an orange-red.  These are the same trees in DC that host the Cherry Blossom Parade… Read More