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Farmer Ezra – Eleven Months and counting | Portsmouth, VA

Time is flying by as this little one is eleven months! He has four teeth and is taking several steps at a time now! He should be walking and running around next month! His smile will brighten your day! Examining his great-grandfather’s watch. He is quite the sassy little fellow! Two bottom teeth are shining through He does have quick mood swings and can go from happy to I-am-over-this in.. Read More

Circus-Themed, Baby Vance Reveal

The circus reveal of our fourth grandchild! Our three beautiful daughters and mothers of our grands! Popcorn, cotton candy, and candied circus peanuts Cincinnati Chili is our go-to place for chicken salad, second to our homemade family recipe, but much quicker! The cake was from Nothing Bundt Cake and was delicious – Strawberry and Blueberry Boy or girl? Time to lift that party hat! It’s a girl! With three wonderful.. Read More

Baby Ezra’s Six-Month Photo Session

Time flies! How is our third grandson already six months? You must take photos and document those milestones and cuteness as they happen so quickly! Enjoy this adorable session! Hope it makes you smile as much as he smiled for me! First up is his adorable Viking outfit! Yes, I crocheted that hat! Since his dad is from Minnesota, a VikingsĀ session had to take place, and that hat was a.. Read More