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Hutton Family – Sunflowers | Windsor Castle Park – Smithfield, VA

Last, but definitely not least, is the Hutton family at the ever so popular sunflower field at Windsor Castle in Smithfield, Virginia. The fields were a big hit this year and it seems like everyone wanted to adventure out to catch a glimpse of their beauty. If you missed out this year, hopefully they will plant them again next year and the sunflower photos can continue! Until then, enjoy this session.. Read More

Chloe + Dalton – Sunflowers | Windsor Castle Park – Smithfield, VA

Another sunflower photo session at Windsor Castle in Smithfield, VA. This time with our youngest daughter and her fiancé. This couple will become newlyweds this November as they tie the knot and begin their new chapter in life! Until then…not rushing things, LOL, enjoy their love-filled session! Contact us for your photography session.

Lexa Dobermans – Sunflowers | Windsor Castle Park – Smithfield, VA

I stumbled upon Catherine Vines of Lexa Dobermans while out at the sunflower fields at Windsor Castle in Smithfield, Virginia and made a new friend and client. She brought two dobermans out for headshots and candids and it was so much fun!!! I cannot tell the two apart as they look alike to me but you feel free to distinguish between the two of them amongst their shenanigans, LOL! Contact us.. Read More