Meet Kaitlyn, my daughter and the bride with the Disney-themed wedding. I previously shared her engagement session which included a series of different Disney movie scenes. If you missed it, or would  like to see it again, you can view that session by clicking here. This post is to showcase Kaitlyn dress, bridal bouquet, veil, her beauty as a bridal princess, and to share a fun-filled bridal session.

Kaitlyn’s brioche bouquet was handmade with silk roses, silver, sparkly charms which represent different Disney princesses. She wore my veil which was modified a bit to include a tiara!
Kaitlyn Bridals_033-6x4.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_010.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_039.jpg
Even her shoes resembled Cinderella’s glass slippers.
Kaitlyn Bridals_040.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_052.jpg
She made a stunning bride!
Kaitlyn Bridals_156.jpg
Check out the bouquet!
Kaitlyn Bridals_159.jpg
She insisted her gown must have pockets!
Kaitlyn Bridals_053.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_056.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_019.jpg
Time to loosen up for a few fun shots!
Kaitlyn Bridals_083.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_084.jpg
Wharf Hill Brewing Company was the restaurant of choice after the beach proposal session at Fort Boykins on May 27, 2016. You can view that session here.
Kaitlyn Bridals_108.jpg
Yes, this is her character!
Kaitlyn Bridals_114.jpg
We hopped over to the Mansion on Main Bed and Breakfast for a few shots.Kaitlyn Bridals_120.jpg
This yellow, Victorian house is pretty much an iconic building in downtown Smithfield, Virginia. I love this staircase and everything about the architecture of this historical building. They just don’t make beautiful places like this anymore.
Kaitlyn Bridals_130.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_138.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_139.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_151.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_168.jpg
The session would not have been complete without her horse-drawn carriage from Smithfield Horse and Carriage
Kaitlyn Bridals_209A.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_183.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_223.jpg
The horse was quite interested in her bouquet.
Kaitlyn Bridals_226.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_217.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_266.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_283.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_289.jpg
This carriage ride made her entire day!
Kaitlyn Bridals_320.jpg
Kaitlyn Bridals_318.jpg

Thanks for spending a few moments with us!

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