Once again, I entered the Shoot and Share Contest for 2018! This year, a total of 11,351 photographers participated from all over the world and submitted a total of 413,065 photos. This contest allows a total of 50 photos to be submitted in 25 different categories. I managed to make the top 100 this year in the wedding details category! Overall I received a Top 100, 2 finalists, 1 in the top 10%, 4 in the top 20% and 4 in the top 30% which is an improvement from last year. Here are my stats:

This photo was taken at golden hour at a cotton field out in Surry, Virginia. It came in as a Top 100! It ranked 22/16,755 photos submitted in the wedding details category.

Same ring, different day. Ranked 410/16,755 photos (category – wedding details)

We had a lot of snow in January and this Cardinal added a pop of color to our landscape. This little red bird came in at 181/14,426 photos (category – pets/animals

This senior session ended with a dance silhouette against the sunset in Norfolk, Virginia. Ranked 1,415/14,733 photos (category – people portraits)

Yes, there was a category for this! Ranked 771/3,943 photos (category – that just happened)

This is a favorite of mine captured at sunset at Captain Chuck-A-Mucks in Rescue, Virginia. Ranked 2,116/16,373 photos (category – travel/landscape)

How cute is this photo of these two Australian Shepherds? Ranked 2,119/14,426 photos(category – pets/animals)
Pet Spa_287 copy.jpg

Ranked 2,790/16,373 photos (category – travel/landscape)

Ranked 4,534/16,373 photos (category – travel/landscape)

Ranked 3,674/14,426 photos (category – pets/animals)
Bama BD_190.jpg

Ranked 3,860/14,426 photos (category – pets/animals)

Ranked 3,880/16,755 photos (category – wedding details)

Until next year….