On Friday, January 30, 2015, Believers Church had a special evening honoring volunteers who serve in various ministries within the church. While normally I would just upload photos to the Believers Facebook page, this particular event was worthy of a blog post. The humor and fun throughout the evening had such an “impact” that I wanted those who were not in attendance, and even those who were ,to get a close up of the various facial expressions captured throughout the event. Follow me…
_MG_8927 copy.jpg
How’s that fruit?
_MG_8884 copy.jpg
A photo booth provided by Elite Photography. Looking at the line, it must have been a hit 😉
_MG_8889 copy.jpg
Some would pose for their photo while others were captured enjoying themselves.
_MG_8890 copy.jpg
_MG_8894 copy.jpg
Heather, did you make her cry?
_MG_8896 copy.jpg
The staff seemed so confused! Probably because of what is about to happen. The staff, musicians and the nonmusical folks, attempted a mock worship service without any volunteers. Here’s what happened!
_MG_8882 copy.jpg
Doug, the audience is this way. Turn around! Heather, don’t throw your hands up now, we are just starting!
_MG_8907 copy.jpg
This had to be the most interesting sound I have heard in a long time!
_MG_8913 copy.jpg
_MG_8914 copy.jpg
Brittany, do you like playing the drums?
_MG_8906 copy.jpg
More cow bell!
_MG_8929 copy.jpg
_MG_8931 copy.jpg
Doug, you really seem to be struggling with this!
_MG_8933 copy.jpg
Rita, the baby collector!
_MG_8923 copy.jpg
Sam, the baby collector!
_MG_8935 copy.jpg
Sam, are you laughing while the baby is crying? And what happened to her other shoe?
_MG_8936 copy.jpg
_MG_8939 copy.jpg
Dave in disbelief that Mark could be having so much fun playing a cow bell. Addie wondering what happened to her dad.
_MG_8941 copy.jpg
Brittany, are you really rocking’ out with a harpsichord?
_MG_8944 copy.jpg
_MG_8947 copy.jpg
_MG_8952 copy.jpg
Um..she gets that face from here daddy!
_MG_8955 copy.jpg
And volunteer of the quarter goes to (drum roll please) – Rob!
_MG_8961 copy.jpg
_MG_8964 copy.jpg
Time for “real” worship to end an enjoyable evening.
_MG_8968 copy.jpg
_MG_8980 copy.jpg
_MG_8977 copy.jpg
Wrapping up this post with a little bit of cuteness.
_MG_8991 copy.jpg
_MG_9000 copy.jpg
Believers peeps, if you are not on a ministry team, find one to serve on and you too could be enjoying exciting events like this one! If you are looking for a church in the Western Branch, soon to be north Suffolk area, come check us out.