Another beach proposal! When Brannon messaged me to capture his beach proposal, I was so excited! The day it was scheduled, this happened. Typical summer thunderstorms started rolling in.
Brannon-Proposal_028 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_009 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_006 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_035 copy.jpg
After hanging out to see if the gray skies were gonna clear up, we decided the lighting was just not ideal. So, we rescheduled. I decided to cruise the strip a bit before heading home.
Brannon-Proposal_026 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_029 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_034 copy.jpg
Even through the hazy sky, I was able to spot the full moon just before it hid behind the clouds.
Brannon-Proposal_019 copy.jpg
We rescheduled our session and prayed the rain would clear up so this proposal could happen before their vacation was over! Meet Angela, the beautiful soon-to-be fiance’e.
Brannon-Proposal_043 copy.jpg
Angela thought we were just taking couple photos on the beach.
Brannon-Proposal_053 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_052 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_063 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_065 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_072 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_076 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_081 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_082 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_084 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_091 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_096 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_101 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_111 copy.jpg
And then it happened! Brannon hit the knee and proposed!
Brannon-Proposal_131 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_131 copy.jpg
She said, Yes!
Brannon-Proposal_151 copy.jpg
A gorgeous ring!
Brannon-Proposal_154 copy.jpg

She was excited, speechless, and confused all at the same time!
Brannon-Proposal_159 copy.jpg

Brannon-Proposal_169 copy.jpg

They are both so excited and happy to begin planning their special day!
Brannon-Proposal_226 copy.jpg
Brannon-Proposal_235 copy.jpg

Congrats and best wishes, Brannon and Angela! It was a pleasure to meet you!
Brannon-Proposal_247 copy.jpg

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