This blog post details how we planned out and documented our daughter’s “surprise” proposal. That’s right! Who in their right mind helps their future son-in-law plan out their daughter’s proposal? A photographer, that’s who! Here’s how this played out.

Back in March, our daugther’s boyfriend, Cory, called my husband, Mark, to invite us out to lunch. Mark was curious as to reason for this special date. Really? He had no idea? I was pretty sure I knew the reason for this outing.

On Friday, March 18, 2016, we met Cory at the wonderful Taste Unlimited in Harbour View. If you frequent that place, you may have seen us eating outside as the weather was spectacular that particular day in March.
Photo Mar 18, 12 14 02 PM copy.jpg

Once the question for her hand in marriage was asked and after Mark finally finished grilling Cory, I instantly started processing ideas for a fabulous engagement shoot! That’s sort of how I roll! Photos first! To make a long story short, Cory and I scouted out several locations and landed on this beautiful secluded beach at Fort Boykins in Smithfield.
Proposal_022 copy.jpg

The winds of April passed us by and May was well under way before we were able to get all parties involved in this event’s schedules to align accordingly.  A little apprehensive that the beach location was not a very good idea, we took Mark to the location for his approval and recommendations.
Proposal_016 copy.jpg
Proposal_001 copy.jpg

Proposal_023 copy.jpg
After formulating our plan of execution and documentation, we left the beach at sunset, eager for the weather to cooperate on their engagement date.
Proposal_018 copy.jpg

On Friday, May 27, 2016, Mark, Chloe’, and I set out to set the stage for a beach proposal.

Proposal_031 copy.jpg
Proposal_032 copy.jpg
Proposal_036 copy.jpg

I am so thankful they were helping me! Look at all they had to carry! Me? Well, I had my camera so you could enjoy these photos 🙂
Proposal_042 copy.jpg

We used wine bottles from our favorite winery, Saude’ Creek Vineyards, to hold citronella to ward off any sand flies or other skin-munching critters.
Proposal_045 copy.jpg

The weather was beautiful! A little warm, but overall clear skies.
Proposal_046 copy.jpg

A bouquet of flowers and an unopened bottle of Saude’s wonderful Sweet Rebellion to celebrate the special occasion. Barnacle-covered driftwood was used as nature’s vase for the flowers. The turquoise table was selected for its bright color atop the sandy beach.
Proposal_050 copy.jpg

Eagerly awaiting for the couple to make their entrance.
Proposal_053 copy.jpg

In the distance, family members wait for the moment to pop that bottle of wine! I mean to watch the proposal take place!
Proposal_057 copy.jpg

Waiting for surprises like this can seem like….forever!
Proposal_060 copy.jpg

Finally, they arrived!
Proposal_061 copy.jpg

Kaitlyn has no clue what is about to take place! She glances at the table, but doesn’t give it a second thought.
Proposal_062 copy.jpg

Cory, had to stop her in her tracks!
Proposal_064 copy.jpg

“Kaitlyn, this is for you”, he said!
Proposal_065 copy.jpg

And he hits the knee!!!
Proposal_068 copy.jpg

I would say she was surprised!
Proposal_070 copy.jpg

And he “put a ring on it”!
Proposal_073 copy.jpg
Proposal_076 copy.jpg

The cheering started and they caught a glimpse of silhouettes dancing in the distance – family members!
Proposal_077 copy.jpg
Proposal_090 copy.jpg

Quick photos of the couple, please!
Proposal_099 copy.jpg
Proposal_103 copy.jpg

An Amazing ring!
Proposal_107 copy.jpg

Cheers to a successful story-tale proposal!
Proposal_108 copy.jpg
Proposal_112 copy.jpg
Proposal_124 copy.jpg

Time to pack it up and head to dinner.
Proposal_130 copy.jpg

Dinner at one of their favorite restaurants in Smithfield, the Wharf Hill Brewing Co. to celebrate such an occasion along with quick photos with a new finance’ and sisters!
Proposal_139 copy.jpg

And that, my friends, is how we pulled off a beach-style proposal!