Suzy and Ty tied the knot on February 28, 2015. It was cold and there was still snow on the ground from our previous snow storms. They were married at First Presbyterian Church in Hampton. The church was beautiful and so bright, a photographer’s dream.  Williamsburg Floral did a wonderful job with the blue and white flowers and crystal stems. If you haven’t heard of Swarovski Crystal, you need to check out their site.  Their jewelry is perfect for a bride’s special day. Here is a little sampling of their photographs.
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_028 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_043 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_032 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_045 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_063 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_014 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_029 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_005 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_003 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_010 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_017 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_116 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_153 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_012 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_320 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_187 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_242 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_066 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_064 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_058 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_314 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_333 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_039 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_472 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_573 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_759 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_745 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_714 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_826 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_532 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_541 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_565 copy.jpg
Suzie-Ty-Wedding_890 copy.jpg