This photo shoot was filled with chuckles and laughter as pooches were posed and propped up into doggy models! Looking at these photos, I cannot help but laugh! This session did have a purpose other than just hanging out and playing with really cool dogs. Pet groomer, Aimee Allen, will be opening Fur’st Love Pet Spa at 1501 Cedar Road, Chesapeake,Virginia in June 2016!!! Visit her Facebook page to stay up-to-date on announcements! This will be a full-service doggy spa and day care! I am SO excited for Aimee!!! Enjoy the gallery!
Puppy-Shoot_061 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_064 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_071 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_087 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_108 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_112 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_119 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_132 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_059 copy.jpg
To reward these pups for their cooperation at the spa shoot, we took them out to the park to play.
Puppy-Shoot_140 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_149 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_153 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_160 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_178 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_200 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_202 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_210 copy.jpg
Aimee playing with Rose!
Puppy-Shoot_216 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_233 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_247 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_251 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_260 copy.jpg
Time to wrap things up as we had some very tired pooches!
Puppy-Shoot_267 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_271 copy.jpg
Puppy-Shoot_286 copy.jpg
Until next time….