Meet Erin! She is a senior at Nansemond River High School. She excels in playing tennis, winning multiple championships. Erin’s piano teacher, Meghan Hutton of Hutton Music Studios, has been teaching her since she was 6 years old! Erin plans to further her studies in nursing. Good luck to this beautiful graduate, Erin Bonney!
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Who doesn’t love a candy-apple, red Jeep!!! Just what we needed for a pop of color!

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When you are good at your craft, you can even play barefooted 😉
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Erin loves rural surroundings and so we took to the charming town of Smithfield.
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The Smithfield Bakery and Cafe is a must try!
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Windows Castle Park with it’s red barns, vineyard, and walking trails has become many photographers’ desired location for portrait sessions.

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I believe this house is left for a photographer’s prop as it has been utilized in many photo shoots!
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Good Luck, Erin, and thank you for allowing me the privilege of hanging out and documenting your senior photo session! Hugs!
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