When Kaitlyn said she wanted a Disney-themed engagement session, I was so excited! Disney princess costumes, lots of bold colors, Yes! While this actually took two sessions to complete, I applaud Cory, the groom-to-be, as he was a great sport!
Our first series is from the movie Up! If you’re not familiar with the movie, you should watch it. Click to see the trailer. The colors from this series was my favorite! Bold colors!!
Engagement_049 copy.jpg
Engagement_052 copy.jpg
Engagement_079 copy.jpg
That ring is so unusually beautiful!
Engagement_086 copy.jpg
Engagement_047 copy.jpg
This quick session was inspired from Lady and the Tramp! Meatball and spaghetti not optional!
Engagement_103 copy.jpg
“Tales as old as time….” I cannot wait to see Beauty and the Beast when it comes out on the big screen!!
Engagement_126 copy.jpg
Engagement_135 copy.jpg
Engagement_342 copy.jpg
Engagement_346 copy.jpg
Engagement_358 copy.jpg
So this next series, is from the classic Cinderella. This session was planned the day of the shoot, including the dress! The dress was a neighbor’s wedding dress that was magically turned blue 😉
Engagement_144 copy.jpg
Engagement_149 copy.jpg
Engagement_180 copy.jpg
Engagement_183 copy.jpg
The Little Mermaid was quite the trek getting the boat in place as well as hiking down to Fort Boykins beach on a chilly day in December day. This was the spot Cory proposed to Kaitlyn back in May. View that beach proposal session here.
Engagement_314 copy.jpg
Engagement_308 copy.jpg
Formal shots to include sunset on the James
Engagement_440 copy.jpg
Engagement_445 copy.jpg
Engagement_451 copy.jpg
Engagement_198 copy.jpg
Yes, Kaitlyn was freezing on the beach while Cory was busy sitting in the cold, wet sand to do as instructed…”roll up your pant legs!”
Engagement_309 copy.jpg
Cory may have gotten a workout trying to get this jump just right, LOL!
Engagement_369 copy.jpg
Kaitlyn decided to sing and entertain Cory while I was setting up the shot! Did I mention it was a fun shoot, LOL! Oh, and yes the dress was white!
Engagement_164 copy.jpg
A little dance instruction from Kaitlyn was in order on this pose!
Engagement_348 copy.jpg
This is definitely Kaitlyn and Cory!
Engagement_443 copy.jpg
Yes, this happened!
Engagement_238 copy.jpg
Engagement_236 copy.jpg
Congrats to this couple, Kaitlyn and Cory, my daughter and future son-in-law!
Engagement_472 copy.jpg