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Metamorphosis | Caterpillar to Butterfly – Hampton Roads Photographer

Metamorphosis of a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly is an amazing thing to document. Meet the caterpillar who loves my fennel plant. Several caterpillars munched away at this licorice-smelling plant. One day, I noticed the caterpillars were disappearing. Upon further inspection of the plant, I found two cocoons. I may have squealed out of excitement. I was amazed at how two tiny “strings” held this cocoon in place during.. Read More

Outer Banks Wedding | Duck, NC – Hampton Roads Photographer

It was a pleasure to document this beautiful wedding in the quaint town of Duck in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Even though it rained all day, we prayed the skies would hold off in time for the ceremony.  All I can say is God is good!  We did not have a gorgeous sunset-on-the-sound wedding as we were hopping for, but the rained stopped and we were still able.. Read More

A Girl and Her Guitar | Huntington Beach -Hampton Roads Photographer

Huntington Beach in Newport News, Virginia, is a quaint spot for a few photos with a beautiful girl and her guitar. Meet Meghan, an awesome musician who majored in piano performance at Old Dominion University and is a worship leader at Believers Church in Chesapeake, Virginia. She is also a member of The Undertow, a band based out of Hampton Roads who plays a variety of music from the 70s.. Read More

Nansemond River Prom | Hampton Roads Photographer

Nansemond River High School located in Suffolk, Virginia could not have picked a better day for their prom. It was a gorgeous Memorial Day day weekend. The weather was perfect and these two couples were stunning decked out in their black attire. Let’s go check out the Nansemond River Isn’t she stunning? Meet our next couple I love the back of that dress She is also stunning Time for moms.. Read More