Stuart and Katharine are William and Mary graduates who now live in Georgia. They came up for their homecoming and to see college friends; but first, a surprise proposal. Stuart picked a spot they visited often during college days as the backdrop for the proposal. Come travel the Colonial Parkway with me as we explore the surroundings of Williamsburg, Virginia.
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We won’t talk about the “country mile” walk I had to walk lugging my camera gear to the destination 😉
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Look for the blue house, he said!
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And so there they are, hanging out watching said photographer take nature photos of the bails of hay and corn fields.
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Yes, I did say a “country mile” walk, but it may have been more than that, haha!
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You never know what you might see if you pay attention to your surroundings. Like this deer grazing along the roadside.

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Well, there he is! Looking to see if I am ready for him to “hit the knee!”
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She said,Yes and who wouldn’t want that gorgeous ring, LOL!

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Time to capture a few newly-engaged photos!
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Off to spend the day discussing their new and exciting future and to show off that ring to all their college friends.
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If you haven’t visited Colonial Williamsburg, it is loaded with history and fun. View my post from earlier in 2016 to see a few of the sites along Duke of Glouster Street.

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