The chance of rain did not stop this couple from having a very intimate elopement at Colonial Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Williamsburg, Virginia. Bed and Breakfast places are a fun alternative for smaller weddings or just an overnight stay. They have charm and a quaint feel. The grounds and the interior design of Colonial Gardens were perfect for this wedding. Here’s a highlight of the wedding!
Bennett Wedding_251.jpg
Bennett Wedding_011.jpg
Bennett Wedding_009.jpg
Bennett Wedding_016.jpg
Bennett Wedding_019.jpg
Bennett Wedding_064.jpg
Bennett Wedding_084.jpg
Bennett Wedding_102.jpg
Bennett Wedding_124.jpg
Bennett Wedding_128.jpg
Bennett Wedding_157.jpg
Bennett Wedding_171.jpg
Bennett Wedding_172.jpg
Bennett Wedding_182.jpg
Bennett Wedding_185.jpg
Bennett Wedding_191.jpg
Bennett Wedding_192.jpg
Bennett Wedding_202.jpg
Bennett Wedding_211.jpg
Bennett Wedding_219.jpg
Bennett Wedding_220.jpg
Bennett Wedding_231.jpg
Bennett Wedding_244.jpg
Bennett Wedding_245.jpg
Bennett Wedding_246.jpg
Bennett Wedding_002.jpg

Congratulations to Helena and Steven on your wedding celebration!

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